Welcome to O.W.L.S. Club

Who are we?

We are a not-for-profit club, comprised of member volunteers, aimed at providing women 40+  with the opportunity to connect and share with other ladies in a club atmosphere for friendship, celebration, mutual support and personal growth. 


We are different from drop-in social groups found on other sites.  Here you would be part of something greater than yourself, without losing your Self in a larger organization's politics.  Why not be part of a group of ladies who care about our society, our club and each other.  We really do GIVE a HOOT!!

Club Format:

We organize monthly events:  a club meeting / potluck and at least one fun activity, outing or learning event.  Service work the club does, may include supporting local charity events or  club members volunteering to run a service project.  OWLS also offers a Support Network, to club members, where each woman on the network Tree can call upon any other woman on the tree for personal help or support if needed.


Club members are celebrated at their birthday/month, and recognized for club contributions, for support to other members and for community service. Volunteer out-of-pocket expenses are offset by club & event fees.

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Membership Levels

For less than the price of one good cup of coffee a month, you can become a Club Member ($24/year) and get involved in something you can co-create.


To JOIN (all levels),  See    HOW to JOIN               

 Re: club fee Invoice for club fees (if applicable) will be sent to your email address from PAYPAL. Even without Paypal account, you can still make a payment, just follow the instructions.  Paypal secure direct fund transfers are preferred to credit card transfers due to lack of extra c.c. charges. Thank you.  Cash also accepted; no cheques please.

Full Club Member privileges include: newsletter and event invites, unlimited attendance at OWLS events & activities, access to restricted portions of this site,  inclusion of their business in our directory (optional sponsor link on home page),  participation in designing &  planning events, voting on club business, birthday observance. Given a name tag with owl face to be worn at events (signifies paid member )


Club members who agree to be on the Support Network Tree are additionally recognized  as "Supporting Club Members" .

Given a name tag with an owl.

 Casual (List) Membership is designed for ladies interested only in receiving the club newsletter and joining in the occasional social event.  Casual members pay a variable, per-event club fee for attendance and receive a name tag to be worn at that event (signifies event paid  & helps with recognition). Yes, it is more expensive overall to pay a per event club fee than the annual club fee if you come out fairly regularly, and of course there is little to no say in club & event organization. The hope is that casual members will soon join as full club members, share of themselves, and co-create our club with us.


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If you would like to become a member.  Please see how to join.

Upcoming Events

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Invitations to events are sent to members'  chosen email account.

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